The SkinFit™ Packages

Do you want a simple but super-effective programme that will tackle those problematic skin concerns? Has the Covid lockdown given you more than Zoom fatigue?! All those close-ups of your skin can make you wonder if there is help out there. Something that is focussed yet affordable. Look no further: Dr Mayoni has done all the hard work for you! Using her experience in aesthetics she has created programmes that work.

Her signature range of packages are based on her detailed understanding of facial anatomy. They use the most cutting edge treatments that the aesthetics profession can offer. Combining regular in-clinic treatments with at home skincare products gives you the 360 degree holistic approach that is key to Dr Mayoni’s practice. Each programme runs for a period of time tailored to the area of concern. Investing your time here will pay real dividends. As the saying goes, the two most powerful warriors are patience and time!

Each package gives you great value for money and lots of added extras. You can choose to pay upfront or spread the cost across the year.


The full SkinFit™ range of packages

Designed with specific skincare objectives in mind, the packages combine the best treatments and products for each area of concern:

  • SkinFit™ Health for Life – fundamental and advanced programmes which encompass our skin peels and microneedling treatments combined with home skincare packages to ensure you can easily and regularly maintain your skin health
  • SkinFit™ Calm & Refine – for rosacea and redness
  • SkinFit™ Blemish Control Programme – for acne
  • SkinFit™ Eventone Programme – for pigment control
  • SkinFit™ Essentials Programme – with access to annual wrinkle-smoothing injections with some added extras to say thank you!
  • SkinFit™ Ultimate Rejuvenation (Silver, Gold and Platinum options) – for complete skin rejuvenation encompassing our advanced aesthetic treatments
  • SkinFit™ Eye Rejuvenation – including biorevitalistion with RRS mesotherapy, Radio Frequency and Plexr

A monthly payment plan is available for each of these so that you can spread the cost. You can of course pay upfront if you prefer.

For more information about which package could be best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.