Non-Surgical Lift

The non-surgical lift is sometimes known as the Fluid Face Lift (previously the 8 Point Lift). It gives a soft, natural lift to the face using dermal fillers. The treatment is designed to support your facial structure: cosmetic dermal fillers replace the volume that has been lost in the face due to ageing. The treatment does not require general anaesthetic and leaves no stitches or scars. There is little to no downtime, meaning you can get straight back to business. There is no need to fear that puffy look – the work we do here is restorative rather than augmentation. We simply replace volume that you have lost rather than pumping up what you have.
At The Clinic we use JUVÉDERM® Vycross cosmetic fillers by Allergan. Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company and is well respected in the field of medical aesthetics. Other Allergan brands include BOTOX®


The ageing process varies from person to person, but for many it begins to be noticeable around out mid-thirties. From this time onward we typically lose volume in the under eye and cheek bone areas. Over time, we lose bony volume, the fat pads beneath the skin shrink, our retaining ligaments sag and we lose elasticity in our skin. This leads to the formation of nasolabial lines (the creases running between your nose and lips), hollowing of the temples and a general heaviness in the lower face.
The non-surgical lift is designed to support and lift the layers of your face. The filler recreates the support structure that has been lost due to ageing. Dr Mayoni calls it “re-scaffolding” the face! The results are discreet and natural but very effective.

The non-surgical lift targets areas in the mid and lower face. Injectable fillers are used to define the cheekbones and jawline, lift the corners of the mouth, reduce the nasal labial lines (the creases that run between the sides of the nose and the mouth) and fill the hollow of the tear trough – the area between the upper cheek and lower eyelid.
Dr Mayoni uses a mixture of products from the Vycross® range. They are injected in very small amounts at key points in the face. The results look very natural: patients describe themselves as looking refreshed without looking ‘done’.


The first step is to book in for a full consultation with Dr Mayoni to talk in detail about the treatment, your desired outcomes and any relevant medical history.
At your treatment appointment, Dr Mayoni will clean your skin with a medical disinfectant before drawing on the areas to be treated with a white pencil. It is helpful if you attend your appointment with no make-up on. Dr Mayoni will use a mixture of needle and cannula injections to insert fillers under the skin at precise points in your face. She will then massage these areas firmly.
You will be given comprehensive advice on how to care for your skin afterwards. It is not unusual to notice some slight bumps at the injection sites: these will dissipate naturally over the following few weeks. Please do not massage these yourself.


Fillers have moved on a long way since they were first introduced back in the 1990s. Originally, they were permanent. Now, they break down naturally in the skin over time. Vycross® facial fillers are among the most popular fillers on the market. They also contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic that helps to minimise pain during injection.
There have been minimal complications due to these fillers. Dr Mayoni will discuss what you can expect at your initial consultation. Some common reactions include bruising, swelling, tenderness and slight lumpiness. These all disappear over the weeks following the treatment.


The body naturally breaks down fillers in the skin over time. However, Juvéderm’s® Vycross range contains BDDE, a compound that prevents the body from breaking it down so quickly. This means that Vycross products can last for between six and 24 months, depending on the type of filler used and where it is placed. Please note that this can be altered by things such as exercise, being under stress and losing large amounts of weight.
Dr Mayoni recommends top-ups at around the 12-month stage to maintain the effects achieved.
Because the fillers are not permanent, your treatments can evolve and adapt as you age, giving more natural results. Each face is different, and the more nuanced approach of the non-surgical lift means Dr Mayoni will target the areas that will really make a difference to you.


The non-surgical lift is suitable for all age groups. We know from studies that treatments done earlier in life before our faces have already lost significant volume will maintain bone volume and fat pads in a more natural way.


“I can’t believe how natural it all looks …. My friends have only said how refreshed I look. No one knows that Mayoni has used fillers.” KP
“Dr Mayoni is brilliant at what she does. She promised that it would make my eyes sparkle, rather than people wondering what work I have had done, and she is totally right. Thank you!” FT
“We did discuss down time, however I didn’t really feel too self-conscious afterwards. It’s been amazing at making me look less saggy and is something I will invest in annually.” TP


If you are interested in finding out more, including up-to-date pricing information, or would like to book a Non-surgical Lift Consultation with Dr Mayoni, please contact us.