Facial Thread Veins

We offer Vein Away by Physioskin at The Clinic, a fantastic treatment option for facial thread veins and other facial skin lesions. veinaway

What does Vein Away treat?

This treatment is used to remove and reduce the appearance of thread veins and spider veins, cherry angiomas (red moles), skin tags and rosacea.

  • Thread veins and spider veins are small clusters of blue or red veins visible under the surface of the skin. They are harmless.
  • Cherry angiomas, also known as red moles, are common and harmless skin growths that can develop on most areas of the body. They often occur on the torso and thighs after pregnancy too.
  • Skin tags are small, harmless, skin-coloured growths that look a little like warts. They often occur on the neck, armpits or under the breast, and can appear on the eyelids too. They tend to grow in areas where the skin rubs against itself.
  • Rosacea is a common skin condition mainly affecting the face, with symptoms including permanent redness, a burning / stinging sensation and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. It is harmless but sufferers can feel self-conscious and it may affect self-esteem.

What areas can be treated with Vein Away?

Vein Away can be used on all areas of the body including sensitive areas such as the face, ankles and knees. For areas of skin below the level of the heart, our microsclerotherapy treatment may be more appropriate, Dr. Mayoni will discuss this in full at your initial consultation.

What skin types is Vein Away suitable for?

It is suitable for all skin types.

How does Vein Away work?

Vein Away uses a process called thermosclerosis. The handheld device sends a pulse of radio-frequency waves from its filament tip which causes the tiny blood vessel to collapse. The walls of the vessels then stick together so blood can no longer flow within the vessel and it can no longer be seen. The results are permanent.

Vein Away by Physioskin has been developed with help from leading vascular surgeon and thread vein specialist, Dr Brian Newman who has been a world leader in the field for over 35 years.

VeinAway treatment before and after photos showing cherry angioma and mole
Before and after photos courtesy of Physioskin and Natura Studios

Does the treatment require anaesthetic?

The treatment does not require any anaesthetic and there is no down-time, although you may see some dryness and redness in the first few days following treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The results of each treatment are permanent, and for most patients only one treatment is necessary. Patients with a larger surface area of skin for treatment may require more than one appointment. Dr. Mayoni will discuss this in full at your initial consultation.

Can I see it in action?

Dr. Mayoni has tested the treatment herself – you can see her receiving the treatment in the video below. She described the sensation as slightly warm and a bit prickly but very tolerable:

How do I find out more?

To find out more, please contact us to book a consultation with Dr. Mayoni, where you can find out all about the Vein Away treatment and if it is suitable for you. Please note that treatment can only take place after you have had a consultation and the treatment will take place on a different day to the consultation. The consultation will last for around 30 minutes, and will give Dr. Mayoni a chance to check all your relevant medical history to make sure that this is the right treatment for you. It is also your chance to ask any questions you may have about the treatment and the results you can expect.

The consultation fee is fully redeemable against the cost of the treatment should you decide to go ahead.

We also offer microsclerotherapy treatment for thread veins for areas of skin below the level of the heart, for example the thighs. You can find out more about this here: Microsclerotherapy Treatment.