Envy Facial

The innovative Envy Facial is now available at The Clinic. Sometimes also known as Dermal-Infusion, or the SilkPeel, this fabulous advanced aesthetic facial treatment combines different techniques to really enhance your skin’s glow – and fast!

The Envy Facial resurfaces the skin by combining exfoliation with deep cleansing of the pores, simultaneously infusing the dermis with condition-rich serums. During your Dermal-Infusion Envy Treatment, the face is cleansed to remove debris, makeup and dirt from the skin, before a handheld device is moved over the skin. The device created a gentle vacuum which exfoliates the top layer, clearing dead skin cells and other deeper debris, while simultaneously infusing the bespoke serum into the dermis. This means that the active ingredients in the serums penetrate the epidermal layers, enhancing absorption.

Close up of the Envy device in action

The Envy Facial is ideal to treat dry and dehydrated skin, congested skin, fine lines and wrinkles, improving acne and evening out skin tone. It also aids lymphatic drainage and stimulates healthy cell renewal, improving your skin’s radiance. It gives immediate results and is suitable for every skin tone – even sensitive skins. The perfect treatment for skin health!

Before and after a course of Envy treatment. Images courtesy of healthxchange

An individual treatment takes around 45 minutes, and a course of treatments is recommended to obtain the best results. Prices for a single treatment start from £120, with courses of six treatments starting from £600 (saving from £120).

For more information please contact us at The Clinic to book in for a consultation to discuss your requirements and desired outcomes in detail. The consultation fee is fully redeemable against the price of the treatment.